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Here are the audio tracks to all of the Narrative and the 26 songs plus the Overtures to both parts. 

Zen and Now Playlist

Zen and Now The Overture

Like most Overtures this one combines some musical themes from the show.

1.1 In the beginning...

Setting the scene. The Shakya live between the Himalayas and the Ganges.

1.2 Welcome to world of the Shakya

The Shakya song.

1.3 Prophecies leading up to Maya's dream

Suddhodanna and Maya hear the prophecies about their child.

1.4 Maya's dream - the Prophecy song

2.1 I show you sorrow


A few days after Maya gave birth she is dying.
Sudhodanna and Maya sing of their loves as she dies.

2.3 The naming of Siddhartha

3.1 Garden of Earthly Delights

3.2 SONG Set the Night on Fire

Siddhartha enjoys a luxury life with plenty of entertainment.

3.3 Luxury Life

Suddhodanna tries to shelter Siddhartha from all troubles and surrounds him with luxury.

3.4 The swan and the arrow

Devadatta and Siddhartha are rivals. Devadatta shoots down a flying swan.

3.5 Wake up dead

Devadatta expresses his anger.

4.1 Love of my life

Siddhartha and Yasodhara.

4.2 SONG I'll compare thee

Siddhartha and Yasodhara sing of their love.

5.1 Bright Lights Big City

Siddhartha wants to explore.

5.2 SONG I've stripped off illusions

The courtesan Amrapali sings.

5.3 The sights

Siddhartha sees the four sights.

6.1 The decision and the quest

Siddhartha thinks that he must find the truth of how to reduce suffering.

6.2 SONG Never Apart

Siddhartha and Yasodhara sing of their love and commitment.

6.3 Yasodhara

Yasodhara is more than a beauty.

6.4 After tomorrow

Siddhartha and Yasodhara sing of their unknown future.

7.1 The search for the good life

Siddhartha begins to question more deeply.

7.2 Where is the good life? Chorus

7.3 The Brahmin

Siddhartha and the Brahmin,

7.4 The ascetics

Siddhartha meets the ascetics

8.1 Sujata's story

Sujata the milkmaid argues with her family

8.2 Song: Misunderstood

Sujata sings of how her family misunderstand her.

8.3 Sujata feeds Siddhartha

8.4 Magnificat

Sujata sings.

8.5 The harmonious way

Striking the right note. The search for harmony.

8.6 After the bodhi tree

Siddhartha begins to meditate.

9.1 The Night of Light

Siddhartha brings everything to mind.

9.3 Mara - Flowers in the sky

The encounter with Evil.

9.5 Simple Song

Siddhartha sees clearly.

Overture to Part Two

The Universe develops.

10.1 The next morning

Siddhartha is a changed man.

10.1.2 Setting the wheel in motion

Siddhartha thinks of how to spread enlightenment.

10.2 SONG Now and Forever

Siddhartha sings of his new insight.

10.4 The illusion of separateness

The primary illusion which creates unnecessary suffering.

10.5 SONG: Listen

Siddhartha sings of his new insights.

10.6 The Four Noble Truths

The medical metaphor.

11.1 Angulimala inspires fear

The story of the serial killer.

11.2 Angulimala and Siddhartha meet

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11.2 SONG Hate is the gate

Angulimala the serial killer confronts Siddhartha

Angulimala redeemed


The story of Kisa Gotami.

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12.2 SONG: So many ways to die

Siddhartha and Kisa sing and reflect,

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Kisa Gotami is reconciled.

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13.1 Devadatta

Devadatta continues his rivalry with Siddhartha.

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13.2 SONG: Your Mother.....

Devadatta sings of his hatred for Siddhartha

Devadatta attacks Siddhartha's reputation as he tries to take power.

SONG: His mother ...

Devadatta plots

14.1 The Sangha

14.1.2 Visions

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14.3 SONG Stone Walls 

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14.4 Maga

Where is the good life to be found?
Clearly not in aggressive imperialist regimes of any sort.

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14.5 Siddhartha’s vision

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15.1 Fire 

Fire Power. The fire of passion can burn.
Feeding the hungry ghosts.

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The Fire Sermon

Siddhartha speaks of responding to the fire.

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The Flower Sermon

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15.3 Song: Promised Land

Siddhartha plans to return to his family. He and Yasodhara sing of their childhood dreams.
Devadatta threatens them with a disaster to come.

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Siddhartha returns to see his family.

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SONG: Seemed like a dream

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17.1 Power politics

King Pasenadi's story.

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The Kings 

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Siddhartha's followers sing of their fears.

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The Massacre of the Shakya

Add description here.


Siddhartha sings of the way of non-violence.

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18.1 Siddhartha’s last meal

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18.2 Siddhartha’s last meal

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Now and Forever - Finale

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Script and Libretto

You will find the script and the libretto in the Participate section.

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